mencoder 1.0rc2_02 uploaded to OS4Depot

Date 7-Sep-2010 17:21:18
Topic: Software News

A more recent build (although not the latest yet) of mencoder has been compiled by Varthall for use in upcoming video related software I will release soon. Varthall got married (remember to congratulate him when he appears again) a few days ago and is busy on his honeymoon. Before leaving he gave me permission to upload this version to OS4Depot. He states it's no longer a beta version as indicated below.

Get it from HERE now and be ready for the upcoming video related software release!

MEncoder 1.0rc2_02
Varthall / Up Rough

Run it with a big stack as usual (stack 20000000 should be enough).

Beta 01, 23/11/09:
- recompiled with newlib with the latest SDK
- added the libxvidcore, old libfreetype (but no libfribidi, so no Unicode
support yet), libmad and giflib libraries

(Note: Uploaded by ktadd with permission form Varthall.)
Thanks Varthall. Hope your enjoying your honeymoon!

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