SimpleSub v1.0 released on OS4Depot - edit/encode subtitles

Date 7-Sep-2010 17:22:06
Topic: Software News

SimpleSub is a program for creating and editing .srt format subtitle files. It also supports encoding the subtitles onto the video using mencoder. It has a 'Preview' mode that allows full control of MPlayer with it's on screen display showing the current time for determining display time for subtitles.

The editor supports full keyboard control and auto time formatting for ease of entry. SimpleSub also supports "Title Settings" such as font selection, position, size, blur and outline. It comes with several freeware fonts to get you started. "Video Settings" allows you to choose the output formant, video/audio bitrates and codecs for encoding. In addition it supports a "Test Mode" that limits encoding to the first 20 seconds so the titles settings can be viewed and adjusted before comitting to fully encoding the whole video.

SimpleSub v1.0 can be downloaed HERE!
Supported version of Mencoder can be downloaded HERE!
MPlayer can be downloaded HERE!HERE!

Note: Subview (.srt) format title files for most popular movies are
available in multiple languages at several websites including the following:

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