SAKU meeting and welcome!

Date 15-Sep-2010 9:09:38
Topic: Events

There will be yearly meeting of Suomen Amiga Käyttäjien Unioni (SAKU) soon. Everyone who is interested in visiting Amiga happenings, are welcome. The date will be 25. of September, and place will be in Oulu, Finland.

If you would like to join (see preliminary program below), please contact me at, or some other SAKU members. Petteri might be good contact person at

If this announcement interests the X1000 people, we can arrange your stay in Oulu and give you free food (is pizza OK?) and transportation to the meeting place and sightseeing and... Please come TD!!

Then about the program. It is planned to be for full day starting round 12, if possible. Place is announced little later on SAKU webppage at (but for TD we are arranging special transportation!). Day will end when the sun has set down and everybody are full of food and snacks and too tired to continue gaming and winners are already solved and... So when we are ready.

First SAKU official meeting lasting maybe 30 minutes, and after that displays (AmigaOne, MorphOS, Demos on A1200/60, fully equipped A4000 from local University, ImageFX...) and when all have arrived, we are arranging some game competition, with 8 players at the same time on two wideoscreens (see pictures from previous meeting at Pictures

I am not official representative of SAKU, but just a still active member, and willing to see more of the people getting back to Amiga.


Esa Haapaniemi

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