AresOne upgrade Kit and AMC Contest

Date 16-Sep-2010 19:59:56
Topic: News

The new AresOne is now also available as upgrade Kit...

Price 219,99
inlcuding AmigaForever 2009 OEM, AliveX and ArtEffect 4

Also you can get Aladdin4D for a special discount:

Be creative and show what classic Amiga can do still now.
(A creativity contest is coming soon)

The AMC Contest is now closed.... the winners will not be announced until Sunday (before I do it publicly I will ask you via PM or Mail)

Thanks for all entries! And damn it is much to check : )

Best Regards,

BTW... if you missed it Broadway has got some Service packs in the meanwhile.... so pleas click on up2date.

Broadway gets his own Themes and Icons now... so after this process I hope to show you Broadway 64 and AREOS until Christmas.

Not final: (click for full size)

Hardware news:
This weekend I hope to get my delivery... so I can show you the Tablet codename "FILO" (greek Philos = friend) running AMC and BroadwayCE

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