Meet Icaros Desktop at Videogames History 2010!

Date 17-Sep-2010 16:38:09
Topic: Events

Icaros Desktop will be presented in a conference on saturday October 2nd, 2010, at the amazing italian event Videogames History, in the town of Monza, near Milan. Paolo Besser will talk about your distribution, and AROS in general, in the afternoon.

Videogames History is probably the biggest event about gaming in Italy, with the exposion of over 1000 products, and more than 60 playable vintage systems, covering time from the '70s till today. The event will last for the whole week-end, but Icaros users and fans will be able to talk with Paolo on saturday only. More informations about Videogames History can be found here.

See you @Monza!

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