PPA #3 - Polish Amiga Magazine #3 is out!

Date 23-Sep-2010 22:36:07
Topic: News

According to the news posted on ppa.pl, Polish Amiga Portal recently, third issue of a paper magazine about Amiga and related technologies is out.


The said magazine is delivered as printed, all in colour . Current issue is 28 pages. The editors ship electronic version also, plus they ship worldwide (paypal is accepted). Regular domestic price with the shipment is PLN 20 which is approx. 5 Eur.

The said site is in Polish (as well as the said magazine) but one could easily translate using Google Translate service to know what it's on about.

Quite a nice item for all Polish speaking Amigans, or just for collectors (remember the ads in AF comparing it to precious old postal stamps some time )

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