iBatch 1.0 - Batchprocessing for images

Date 28-Sep-2010 0:28:38
Topic: Software News

iBatch 1.0 (Image Batcher) allows users to easily convert/rename/renumber/resize/rotate a bunch of pictures at once. The pictures to be processed can be collected in a "Batchlist". In order to organize your batchlist ibatch provides a "Viewer" and "Batchlist browser" tool.

A fast workflow is guaranteed even on slow systems. This is accomplished by using preprocessed thumbnails/preview images
for the "Viewer" or "Batchlist browser" tool. All thumbnails will be kept in sync with their corresponding source directory. Before you start the "Viewer" tool, iBatch will therefore check for existent thumbnails and add missing thumbnails from the given sourcedir.

The whole program can be perfectly used for organizing/resizing digicam pics. Furthermore it becomes handy, when you have to convert whole image directories at once.

Old ARexx Version (iBatch4b_ger.lha, iBatch4b_eng.lha, iBatch_eng.lha ord iBatch_ger.lha) becomes obsolete. iBatch 1.0 was rewritten from scratch, here are the main advantages/changes:

- integrated thumbnail viewer + batchlist browser (no external thumbnail viewer needed any more)
- redesigned GUI, very fast and easy to use
- integrated GUI for preferences
- it is not an ARexx Script any more
- c:ImageConverter is not required any more
- it is not an AWNPipe base GUI any more. A Stormwizard Gui was chosen instead.
- considered to be more "robust"
- progress bar
- same executable runs on OS 3 up to OS 4.x
- support for locale.library
- Preferences File
- runs on small screen resolutions as well

24Bit pic datatypes, zlib.library, jpeg.library, wizard.library, lots of RAM (at least for digicam pics) and OS3.x. or OS4.x
Runs perfectly on my SAM440. Lots of RAM recommended.

All details, screenshots, download.... on www.geobiz.de/ibatch.html iBatch will also appear on Aminet soon...

Gero Birkenfeld

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