AROS Bounty for LLVM port, Phase 1

Date 28-Sep-2010 20:51:24
Topic: Announcement

I initiated a first bounty to port LLVM to AROS.

Bounty 058

You may ask: why? What is the benefit...?
Well it brings much if you are a developer at first.
Even apple included LLVM in Xcode.
OpenCl is based on portions of LLVM.
LLVM is faster in many parts than GCC.

The background is that i'm working on the next level of Broadway... the 64Bit Version.
Since no AROS 32Bit app would run on AROS64 it is a mamut-project to get everything on par to AROS32 (drivers and apps need to be ported over)

LLVM could be the solution for easy coding applications which can be easely compiled to all AROS-Versions.

Than LLVM is a brick to sandboxing AROS 32 in AROS 64..... so you can run 32Bit application inside Broadway 64. ->No work done at this point would be lost (except drivers)

As sandboxing technology i'm aiming at NaCl (PNaCL).

That's the idea behind this.

Since it is a known fact that reaching AROS ABI V1 will break compatibility with all apps i hope the break will be done right and a switch to 64Bit will be part of it.

Best Regards,

Other things not OpenSource i'm working on are:

I'm feeling that i can't find a consense about the price for the "Filesystem", if this will be the case i will open a bounty about this topic too.

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