[MorphOS] Helios Firewire stack now supports DVCam

Date 5-Oct-2010 20:14:21
Topic: Software News

This seems to have slipped through the net of Amigaworld.net's news reel:

Link to Youtube video (unfortunately, I couldn't figure out how to create an embedded video link on AW.net)

Yomgui wrote:
Here I've upgraded my get61883 code with a MUI gui and a vlayer display. I've integrated also FFMPEG DV decoder.

So what your're watching in this video is a realtime decoding and displaying of the firewire DV stream from my DV cam.
And for sure: Helios FW stack powered

The current release does not yet include this, but it's good to see it functioning.

The current release does, however, support Firewire hard-drives and communication with other Macs (at least) via Target Disk mode.

Congratulations Yomgui!

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