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Date 12-Oct-2010 13:47:51
Topic: Software News

Wehrheim, Germany September 26th 2010

After a long time of reorganization and reorientation, we are glad to introduce to you some innovations from Alinea Computer. In addition to some software updates we have some improvements in our online-shop.

Software Updates
For all AmiWebView 2 customers the new 2.3 version is now available from our Alinea Computer Support Center.

Improvements of AmiWebView 2.3
- AmigaOS 4.1. Version (real transparency etc.)
- Fixes for AmigaOS 4.1.1
- Support for other public screens (up to now was WB only)
- The requester for "Can not load a picture" disappers after a few seconds and does not lock the program File extensions are automatically added if not existing in filename and an animation is to be created later.
- A lot of fixes and improvments

Our free Pack-/unpack program AmiArc has some updates, too. It is avabilable at the Alinea Computer Support Center.

Improvments for AmiArc
- Support of Rar and Tar
- Bugfixes

Online-shop news
To make our online shop even more comfortable and easyier to use, we have made some changes to it. One of this is an RRS-Feed and a Twitter channel about all new products in our shop. You can subscribe to the rss-feed at and you can follow the Alinea Computer Twitter channel at
Also our online-shop now has a traffic-light system to show you about the availability of a product. A green light means that the product is on stock, a yellow light shows a delivery time of more than 5 days and if you see a red light please contact us for the availability of this product. Last but not least we allow you as a customer can subscribe our new newsletter at the Alinea Computer Shop. It informs you about all new offerings and changes at our online-shop.
Please let us know your suggestions and wishes for the shop or products, so that we can further improve our service to you.

We want to let you know that we welcome and support as much as possible with our products in actual development around AmigaOS 4.1, AmigaONE X1000 & Sam460ex.

Our commercial products AmiPhoto, AmiWebView 2,ANotice 2, ArtEffect and StormC as well as our games are still in development for the new systems and are supported by internal and external developers. Please respect that we can not say something about the release date. Thank you.

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