Mesa 7.9 available for AROS

Date 21-Oct-2010 19:12:58
Topic: Software News

The latest version of Mesa 3D library has been ported to AROS. Together with changes in Nouveau driver, Mesa 7.9 brings important improvements to AROS 3D support.

Highlights of this release:
- new GLSL (shader language) compiler utilizing GPU power
- enabling of shader processing in GeForce 5 series and above cards
- fixes to 3D rendering quality in GeForce 5 series cards
- 200%-300% performance improvement in 3D rendering to GeForce 5,6 and 7 series cards
- major performance improvement with 2D operations for all supported GeForce cards cards

Mesa 3D is an open source library implementing OpenGL interface. It supports software and hardware rendering via Gallium3D drivers.

Nouveau is an open source driver for nVidia GeForce cards. It supports accelerated 2D operations on cards starting from GeForce 1 series up to GeForce 250 GTS series. It supports 3D operations on cards starting from GeForce 5 series up to GeForce 250 GTS series.

The update is available in AROS nightly builds. If you wish to upgrade your system, copy the following files: DEVS:Drives/gallium.hidd, DEVS:Drivers/softpipe.hidd, DEVS:Drivers/nouveau.hidd, LIBS:gallium.library, LIBS:mesa.library.

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