Mixer 1.28 released

Date 3-Nov-2010 13:06:10
Topic: Software News

The latest version of Mixer has been released and can be downloaded from OpenAmiga.org and soon Aminet.net and OS4Depot.net

Mixer 1.28 is the first open source (thanks Davy!) release.

The initial objective for 1.28 was to add support for saving the mute state but it exposed various other issues which have been resolved as well.

- Added support for saving/loading Mute state.

- Updated the mute button images.

- Now Mute works on Audigy cards.

- Now volume can be changed silently while muted.

- Fixed issue with loading Mixer while playing audio where the
default volume was set first before loading the saved levels,
potentially causing a volume spike (reported by zerohero).

Any outstading issue can be reported with the bugtracker

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