Cube 1: 3D FPS are out for AmigaOS4 !

Date 7-Nov-2010 12:46:33
Topic: Software News

The younger brothers of Cube series (there is 3: Cube1, Cube2 and AssaultCube) are ported to amigaos4 !

Grab it from os4depot (for now in upload query).

There is few screenshots (1024x768, 800x600, 640x480):

And video in action on my peg2/1ghz/radeon9250/aos4.1u2 on youtube here

The game feels very stable and never crashes (well, on my setup, so you need test it yourself), with all that music/sounds and good FPS even on our slow opengl realisation !

Check the readme on os4depot for more information and docs inside the archive about how tunning and tweak the game.

There is also work in progress on Cube2 and AssaultCube, and there is video in action of AssaultCube. A bit buggy for now (pretty visibly, there is no hands and weapons in it), so its work in progress for now.

Enjoy !

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