Sirena Player 1.10

Date 16-Nov-2010 10:28:51
Topic: Software News

Sirena Player is a Y.A.S.M.P. or Yes Another Strange Music Player for OS 4.x, this
program with our mermaid "Rosalia" (the skin), playes music files as mp3, wav and
mod, but my player is different and I don't want compete with others good players
as AmigaAmp, Diamond Player, etc., my player is a little tool for developers that
need a fast program to test music files and, yes, because I though in to have one
player as I like and here is the result.
The ogg Vorbis codec isn't still support in Hollywood and neither Sirena Player.

Sirena Player plays mod and wav files but the mp3 not, because the program is made
with Hollywood and only support mp3 files with mpga.library, sorry for this problem.

Yeah, a new version of Sirena Player this time with two new languages support Polish in two versions ISO or AmigaPL; and the other language Czech.
Also new PNG icons in the BonusPack drawer.

Available in my site:
Enjoy it!

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