Last batch of iMica Silents for Xmas before price rise.

Date 18-Nov-2010 17:33:23
Topic: Announcement

Hi all

I have 12 motherboards left for iMica Silent which I plan to sell in the run up to the holidays. The details are on the link below and a couple of videos, the price includes a 4gb external USB stick which will boot and run this system well as they are read/write and usb 2.0. However if you add either a normal 2.5" sata disk or a silent SSD version then the stick can be used on other machines.

I will ship these with Icaros 1.2.5 when ready and after this batch supplies of these 12v boards will become more expensive as they make great in car systems and price may have to rise to match my costs. Shipping prices are, 10 UK, 20 Europe, 30 rest of world.

Once they are gone they are gone as they say.

Oh and money will go to Aros development as you all know.

Thanks for looking


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