SCANdal 1.4

Date 22-Nov-2010 17:50:15
Topic: Software News

After quite a long break the final version of SCANdal 1.4 scanner software for MorphOS appeared.

Compared to version 1.3 program allows you to:
- Automatic imposition of a filter on the image after scanning
- Automatic printing after scanning
- Cropping and automatic calculation of the area to crop
- Saving information about the DPI in JPEG and TIFF files
- Load previously saved scans, along with DPI information using Reggae
- Use the ADF (auto document feeder)

The program is available here

In addition, it has been added:
- MUI help balloons
- Configurable ruler

Errors in the handling of scanning sources has been fixed also.



Versions for other Amiga operating system will be published later

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