ffmpegGUI v3.0 - adds video editing assistance features

Date 27-Nov-2010 9:22:41
Topic: Software News

ffmpegGUI v3.0 just uploaded to OS4Depot. Now supports ffmpeg v0.6.1. Also adds support to assist with video editing by allowing easy starting and control of mplayer as well as a 'Preview' mode which plays the video/audio using the size, aspect, start time, and durations settings. In addition more flexible input for the 'Start Offset' and 'Duration' fields are supported to allow for easier entry and milisecond accuracy. Frame capture to a png file is now supported along with smaller video sizes to assist with creating icons for videos.
See below for the full list of new features.

Get it HERE when made available.

Version 3.0 changes:

Modified to support ffmpeg v0.6.1.
Modified "Start Offset" and "Duration" gadgets to accept optional time
formats. [[hour:]min:]sec[.msec] (see gadget hints)
Adding preview mode for input 0 to view video using start, duration, aspect and size settings.
Added play video 'P' gadgets next to file I/O gadgets to play input and output files.
Added video player control gadgets.
Playing videos files now runs asyncroniously. (GUI can be used while video is playing.)
Added 'Save Frame' gadget to save current frame to png format in ram disk.
Added "Play Slower" and "Play Faster" gadgets to control speed of video playback.
(20%, 50%, Normal, 200%, 400%)
Included iphone setting file found in "Settings/Devices" drawer. (Forgot last time.)
Changed settings files that used -title option to use new -metadata option.
Cancelling "input 0", "input 1" and "Output" file requesters no longer clear the path.
Added 64x64 and 96x96 selections to video size settings to create icon size pictures.
Select setup file requesters now remember the last entry.

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