2nd AMC Contest

Date 28-Nov-2010 11:52:32
Topic: Announcement


Fabio released a short guide about translating the locale files of AMC.
I know many people are waiting for the AmigaOS and MorphOS Versions.

The AmigaOS Version will come next week and will start with Version 1.2.
The AROS Version will be updated too.

In this context i thought about a Contest without deadline. In short every member on the forum at www.a-mc.biz who translate the locale file to a not yet available language will get AMC for free (one license). Language files are just textfiles and really easy to translate.

Fabio opended ne subforums about channels(web-tv /radio) also this files are just textfiles. Whatever there will be official files and user created ones.

The official list will get some more channels especially for poland ; )

We got the first beta of a AMC Mason Theme which will make most AmigaOS users happy!


PS: Yes USB-remotes are supported on MOS and AmigaOS too : )

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