Warzone2100 for AmigaOS4

Date 30-Nov-2010 16:47:29
Topic: Software News

Warzone2100 is opensource version of welknown 3d real-time strategy game. The game was already ported to Morphos some time ago, but aos4 users still cant play in it up to the now.

For that release we can say thanks to Fab, who help me to fix some problems while i port it.

The video in action (win/fullscreen modes) are here (youtube)

Few screenshots in window mode are here:

The versions of that port are the same old as morphos one : its 2.0.8rc1 revision (2-3 years old). I choice it because we already know that its ported to morphos and works fine (so nothing stop to port it), and because the very newer version introduced some stuff which make port a bit harder. Its still possible to port , but just a bit harder and more time consuming (hope to do that later)

That version are fully playable in single-user mode, but have some problems with multiplayer (we do not know if authors fix them in the very latest versions).

Also you will see sometime in shell some fancy errors like "error: file that and that not found" (while files are present). That is just because on time of that version of game, these files was not handled normally, and just say those words. That will not make any problems for game itself, just some window which will spawns after a while and inform you about.

There of course can be some problems, but i test it with all those load/save, window-fullscreen modes, and all looks like works fine. Still, if some problems will occurs we always can fix it , if it will be reported.

By default game running in full-screen mode, and if you want window mode you should change manually in users/default/config file "fullscreen=0" (0 = window , 1 = fullscreen), or run game from the shell with "--window" param.

If you want to change resolution , you also can change that file, or use shell and ask for all the commands by:

amiga shell:> warzone2100 --help

Also read the README included in the game directory, that describe all the stuff.

Grab it from os4depot (in upload query for now) and have fun !

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