AresOne 2011 is available now/ Firmwareupdate for the AresOne 2010

Date 5-Dec-2010 20:10:12
Topic: Announcement

I released a AresOne 2010 Firmware-update.

Just download the ROM-file and put it on a USB-Stick or burn it on a CDR. Than poweron your AresOne 2010 and press „DEL“ as soon the
AresOne Logo appears. Navigate to EZFlash like described in the mainboard manual.
During the first reboot you will be asked if you want to setup the Bios (F1) or JUST use default settings F2 - PLEASE! Press F2! Ok if you now what your are doing you can also Press F1 : D

The new Version supports more CPU’s and fixes some bugs.

get it here:

Time goes by and we have now the third reincarnation of the AresOne.

The AresOne 2011

Well the description on says still 2010 but just compare the specs and the price. We have now 2GB DDR3 Ram. The HD4200 is now a HD3000 but as some may now both are interesting because bearsoft is working on a driver for those... In the meantime you can get Nouveau support by buying the Geforce 8400. Also we are investigating the possibility to add a sparkle Geforce 250GT.... cross your fingers.

The price is now below 250 for the base system.
Chewbacca says again: WOW!

To all 2009/2010 customers:
Software support will last forever ; ) OK as long i live.

The new Broadway theme and iconset is done... Braodway 0.0.3 aka "bobcat" (i like bobcats) will be ready around christmas. The advert for the AmigaFuture shows a shot from the latest internal version. Be ready for the Zero Zero Point release : D

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