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Date 5-Dec-2010 23:43:17
Topic: Hardware News

That's it, RELEC reveals you its " X " and have the pleasure to present you a new configuration with a quite new motherboard!

Thanks to ACube-Systems, we can finally propose you our new configuration " THE RED ONE X " based on the new mini-tower case.

We have the pleasure to present you a quite new motherboard in this new machine. A sober black dress heightened by a new " design by RELEC ", dresses this elegant compact and spacious case.

We are proud of this new integration which endows the new board SAM 460ex with possibilities adapted to its power. That you keep the proposed configuration or that you decide to adapt it to your future needs, you can take advantage of available places, to add a hard disk, more memory or another compatible extension board.

As for the others SAM, the 460ex motherboard contents itself with a passive cooling. This one still contributes to make it relatively silent. For the same reasons, the hard disk SATA was chosen in a series " lownoise " but with superior performances to 36Gs, 7200rpm, 8.9ms and 16MB of cache. We are sure that this configuration is going to satisfy those who waited for a more powerful alternative to THE RED ONE F.

The key points of this configuration and more from RELEC:

This machine is equipped with the new SAM460ex motherboard @1,166GHz, with 1 or 2 GB of memory SODIMM DDR2.

- External SATA bracket, allowing to connect one " docking station " to use freely SATA HDD 2,5 " and 3,5 " !
- A memory cards reader " SONY multicard reader on 17-1 ",
- Thanks to the passive cooling, this machine is more silent than the standard configurations and its temperature stays very low!
- For free you will receive the " 25 years Amiga " T-Shirt until out of the stock!
- Exclusive and free bundle, including the game Word Me Up XXL and the DVD/CD burning software Frying Pan,
- On inquiry, the option " SAM GEOS HOLLYWOOD ". Namely : Hollywood (EUR 59) or Hollywood + Designer (EUR 99), at reduced price for all the owners of SAM!


The exact price of this configuration will soon be revealed, but it should be near CHF 1550.- / about EUR 1150!!!

On order you can also obtain the motherboard and the memory at the following prices:

SAM 460ex 1,66ghz and AmigaOS 4.1x - CHF 1150.-/about EUR 848
Attention: AmigaOS 4.1x (compulsory) is included in the price!

In addition, order the adapted memory in the selection.

Memory SODIMM 1GB CHF 40.-/about EUR 30
Memory SODIMM 2GB CHF 60.-/about EUR 60

You can already contact us ( for preordering or to discuss and to built your new machine. For more informations, click on the page of the product.
Please, note that the description's page is still in French, it will be soon available in English.

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