Netherlands Commodore Show - Sat., Dec. 18

Date 6-Dec-2010 10:19:42
Topic: Events

It's the last Commodore/Amiga show of 2010! It's the Netherlands Commodore Show, coming Saturday, December 18. The show will be at the Trefpunt, Kerkweg 21, in Maarssen, Holland from 10:00 until 16:00.

Prizes will be given for the most innovative hardware and software creations of the last few years. AmigaScene (with a lot of Amiga computers) will be present. There is a big C= flea market, and there's the C= lottery with beautiful prizes. You can win a 1581 disk drive, C- shirts, or a Christmas box full of food!

Because of the Christmas season, all visitors are asked to show up with little, tabletop Christmas trees, decorations, etc.

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