Elephant 1.7 - Holiday Special Edition

Date 8-Dec-2010 22:54:43
Topic: Software News

To celebrate the arrival of the Festivus season binaryriot prepared a special release of the (in)famous desktop toy Elephant for MorphOS.

Elephant shows a cute pachyderm on the desktop that can morph through a plethora of beautiful materials and utilizes the power of the advanced MorphOS hardware compositing engine to present itself in a custom shaped window with true translucency and alpha shadows.

The hardware compositing can be enabled for any screen in MorphOS' system preferences by activating the "Enhanced Display" option. Nonetheless, Elephant also sports a fallback mode for screens with legacy layers; it's just looks a touch less impressive.

The Elephant 1.7 archive for MorphOS can be downloaded from tokai's personal binaryriot page.

In this sense: Happy Festivus to Everyone!

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