Klystrack - A new chiptune tracker for AOS4!

Date 14-Dec-2010 22:10:13
Topic: Software News

About Klystrack

Klystrack is a synthetic tracker similiar to the wellknown AHX/THX tracker
by Abyss. It produces a C64/SID like sound.

How klystrack differs from traditional trackers

It synthesizes sounds on the fly.
This allows more flexible sounds since the parameters can be changed in
real time.

For a quite long time, especially on platforms where space was not an
issue, it was common for a tracker to have patterns consisting of all
available channels. That is, each pattern had e.g. four channels side
by side and this required unneeded duplication of data.

For example, even if one channel constantly played the same sequence
(think a drum track), it had to be copied to each new pattern.
In klystrack a pattern has only one channel of data. Thus, you can
reuse the same pattern much more freely.

The patterns can also be located at any position in the sequence,
making it possible for two patterns of different length syncopate.
This is not possible in a traditional tracker since all patterns
usually are of the same length and begin at the same location for
each channel.

Klystrack is written by Kometbomb.
The AmigaOS 4.x compile was done by Spot/Up Rough.

For full docs refer to the Klystrack wiki:

Download here!

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