Aros Quick Videos Software Beta Release

Date 30-Dec-2010 16:34:33
Topic: Software News

This is the Quick Videos for Aros which is a powerful GUI for the open source Mencoder/Mplayer toolkits.


Copy the the contents of the C: drawer to your C: folder

Run Quick Videos from icon, if you have any issues with Mplayer not launching within application then try running from the shell.

I will upload a video today with a tutorial on how to use the Quick Videos application.

All the best

Steve Jones
Written by Ian Gledhill.

PS. When this product is complete it will be shareware and a fee will be required for a license.

PPS. We have already got a sponsor for the OS4 version, I will name soon, which will appear soon after beta testing the Aros version. If MorphOS version is wanted then a sponsor is needed.

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