AROS Broadway 0.0.2R10 released

Date 30-Dec-2010 21:24:14
Topic: Software News

Ok i have enough for this year ; )

added more icons

You will find manuals in the drawer documents on your desktop

in "photos" you can see all icons created so far, also the alternative drawers which will be dual state icons.

(The icons are free for non commercial use. If someone wants to create a commercial app for AROS he/she can use them too)

Added SuperTuxKart (Works only after installation because it is compressed)

Updated Protrekker (Attention: Broadway is preconfigured for the AresOne which means that you may need to configure AHI in order to run ProTrekker on other noncompatible systems)

Updated DOSBOX
All DOSBOX games have been moved to QuickStarter->OtherOS->DOSBOX
I added a icon in the DOSBOX Menu to reach easely DiskC (this way you can add more games)

Added some C64 Demos (personal best of)

.DS_store files will be deleted by the Post_Install process
Please wait during Installation until the Introduction video is shown.... this is the sign that everything has been executed and decompressed.

Added Dgen including two small PD-games (no i wasn't paid by Pringles chips)

Added ScummVM and a entry in the Quickstarter which directs you to a downloadpage where you can get legal Scumm Games.

Added MarranoFTP

Added WgetGUI

Updated JanusUAE to 0.8

Updated Simplemail to 0.36

Added Googledocs entry to the internet-section of the quickstarter

Added Zaphod 1.3 (Quickstarter->Tools)

Added HatariST

More apps.... smaller ISO : D

I suggest at least 1GB RAM and 2GB HD. CPU should be a P3 -1GHZ... if you don't use DOSBOX, JanusUAE much you can also try it on older systems.

Best Regards and a happy new year!

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