PixelJam Demoparty at Notacon 8, April 14-17

Date 9-Jan-2011 0:22:27
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Get set for another rocking demoparty in North America! It's the PixelJam Demoparty to be held during Notacon 8 in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A, April 14-17. Join the hundreds of attendees who will be descending upon the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel on those dates.

Get those demo entries in! PixelJam is looking for demos ranging from the most modern to oldschool. For the Commodore and Amiga enthusiasts, your entries can be in the oldschool, wildcard, or music compos. Here is some more info, straight from the Notacon blog, "PixelJam will feature a total of 9 compos ranging from music to animation to traditional demos. Notacon itself has pledged over $1,500 in total prize money, with more prizes to be announced as we secure sponsorship deals. We are also dedicating 2,500 square feet of conference space to a coding lounge and projection space. This space will be expanded by an additional 3,000 square feet for demo screenings on Saturday night the 16th."

Play with the other happy people in the Video and Board Gameroom. Open 24 hours a day, the gameroom will have everything from the most modern consoles to Commoodore and/or Amiga computers. Listen to the various presentations from those at Notacon 8. Try to get on the broadcast at Notacon Radio. Check out the Notacon hacking room. Or hang out in the Notacon Ham Radio room or in the coding lounge.

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