Bars N Pipes (1.17) released

Date 11-Nov-2002 13:47:17
Topic: Software News

On the 7th November, Alfred Faust released the latest update (v1.17) to the Amiga MIDI program Bars'n'Pipes.

Compared to the previous version, the following changes have been made:

  • Double ScreenWidth and Double ScreenHeight now are exactly the double of the Text-Overscan of the current choosen screenmode, equal, which dimensions you have had defined in the screenmode-requester before.
    NB.:Text-Overscan is the size of the screen, which fits exactly the visible range on the monitor.
    These values are not stored anywhere. If you want to go back to these values, you must:
    1. uncheck the Double Width and Double Height gadgets

    2. "Choose" - screenmode and insert your values into the Width and Height integer-gadgets in the screenmode-requester and resume

    3. after that you may click "Save" or "Use", like you want

  • Changed the method of altering a value with the mouse in the List-Editor in "Magic-Wand"-mode

  • Changed the colorization in the song-construction-window. Now the marked and shifted range is more "colored". (Not in the "classic" version)

  • MIDI-Defaults now defineable for each MIDI-channel separate, and they may be saved and loaded in separate files

Download Bars'N'Pipes 1.17 (545K LhA archive)

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