AMC v1.22 Released!

Date 23-Jan-2011 11:38:01
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AMC v1.22 has been finally released!


AMC is the ultimate Media Center application for AROS, AmigaOS(tm) and MorphOS, with this tool you will be able to navigate and organize all your media: musics, videos and pictures will be at your fingers tips.

With AMC it's easy to manage your picture albums, it's easy to manage your videos and it's easy to manage all your songs. The controls are optimized for remote controllers but you can easily change the key bindings. AMC integrates searching functions and removable mass-storage device autodetection, it's easy to browse your USB drives and copy its content in your computer.

AMC is a commercial project and a single license is priced only 29.95§, actually available for AROS and AmigaOS4.x, and soon for MorphOS.

Thanks to the Amiga community and the feedback received from many users the software is progressing fast, a special thanks goes to Samo79 that has helped me alot with this new version.

Change Log

[X--] = AROS
[-X-] = AmigaOS4

- [XX-] Fixed a bug that was occurring when browsing the images from an
autodetected device, the thumbnails grid was not hidden correctly when
the user was going back to the previous mený using the BACK menu item.
- [XX-] Removed Flash FX during the intro
- [XX-] Optimized Thumbnail grid animations with SlowCPU flag enabled
- [XX-] Polish catalog by Tomek
- [XX-] Italian catalog revised by Samo79
- [XX-] Doubled tv and radio channels!!
- [XX-] Fixed a bug that was occurring when rotating a picture in the device
- [XX-] Fixed a bug in the option
- [XX-] Fixed a bug that was giving wrong device name in removable media
detection routine.
- [XX-] Added basic Arexx control, now you can:
- [X--] Change volume (+Vol/-Vol -> Default keys: +, -)
- [X--] Seek Audio/Video (SeekRW/SeekFW -> Default keys: <, >)
- [X--] Toggle Mute (Mute -> Default key: m)
- [X--] Toggle Pause (Pause -> Default Key: p)
- [X--] Toggle Fullscreen (Fullscreen -> Default key: f)
Actually MPlayer for AmigaOS4 as still some problems with Arexx
commands handling, that's why it's currently disabled.
- [XX-] Expanded the Key binding section to remap the new available keys
- [XX-] Unavailable files will be ignored and not listed anymore instead of
generating errors. Really usefull for removable media and removed
files that has been previously scanned.
- [XX-] Added Menu Item Edit->Wipe Databases> to clear all databases
in one go. Playlists and favorites will be removed ass well.
- [XX-] Fixed a bug in the refresh routine when editing CD track titles.
- [XX-] Now, when selecting a theme to apply, AMC will check if the theme drawer
selected is valid.
- [XX-] Now, before applying a new theme (and before restarting AMC), your
preferences and your databases will be saved.
- [XX-] Now you can enter the picture section even if the picture database
is empty, this will allow you to browse your devices for images
without making a drawer or a system scan.
- [XX-] Now you can fill the thumbnail grid with your image playlists, just
enter the "Playlists" menu item and select the playlist you want and
the thumbnail grid will be filled with the selected playlist contents.
- [XX-] Now, when the AMC window is moved, video playback will be interrupted
- [XX-] Now, when the AMC window is moved, the auto-focus will be disabled,
will allow you to interact with your workbench/wanderer screen and do
something else. Restoring AMC to its original position (0, 0) will
enable again the auto-focus system.
- [XX-] Now, when you are moving the AMC window back to its position the
auto snap function will help you. The autosnap has a 5 pixels trigger.
Remember that you can automatically restore AMC window's position
by activating the window and clicking the Middle mouse button.
- [XX-] Now you can select a global font that will be used regardless of the
theme settings. This setting can be easily switched on and off.
- [XX-] Replaced some hardcoded "Back" texts with the linked catalog string
- [XX-] Replaced the hardcoded "Preferences not saved in demo!" text with the
linked catalog string
- [XX-] Added command line argument:
-validate 1
Using this switch AMC will ask for an .rgs file and will autopatch
itself avoiding customers/registered users to re-enter their data.
After the process has been completed just restart AMC to have a registered
copy (if the user has a valid matching key).

- [XX-] Now the installer will remove old AMC scheduler installations
before adding a new one
- [XX-] Now the installer will launch the scheduler only if it is not already
- [XX-] Now the installer will ask the user if he/she want to execute the
Scheduler at startup (with Startup-Sequence modification) or not.
- [XX-] Now the installer is able to INSTALL, UNINSTALL or UPDATE with
authomatic activation for registered users

For AROS users
If you are using and old (before 31/12/2010) AROS installation please update it or at least update the regina.library to have AREXX commands fully supported. You can download the latest Broadway distro from Broadway's download page

AMC Home Page
AMC Forums
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Ares Shop
AROS Broadway

Fabio Falcucci (Allanon)
Pascal Papara (Phoenixkonsole)

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