AROS Broadway 0.0.2R11 released

Date 23-Jan-2011 20:26:10
Topic: Software News

New in the current Version:
Working Arexx
Improved FAT.handler
AMC 1.22 the ultimate Amiga Media Center - now utilizing Arexx
Web-app „SteuerFuchs“


I also added some legal roms here and there.

tried Fuse but skipped it because of some quirks

added "SteuerFuchs" only interesting for german users (Steuererklärung übers Internet mit ELSTER-Anbindung)

Broadway includes now the updated regina.library for Arexx support.
I have also updated the included fat.handler - Neil Cafferkey fixed it some days ago

All systemfiles are at least from January the 14th, some of them are newer.

Also it includes the latest and greates AMC 1.22 with Arexx-support. Yep AMC has now full control over mplayer!! Press "p" for pause and +/- to set volume in realtime ; ) just two examples..

You get now tons of new TV and Radiostations...
You also can now browse for images without the need to scan the whole system.
Full change-log is huge....

Broadway website

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