Ares Project status report

Date 5-Feb-2011 14:43:31
Topic: hardware OS4

Hi all,

I just want to let you now what we/I plan for this year.

- User management, create users, hide and secure your personal files and preferences from others, switch users
- improved perfomance (setting priority for several apps/games)
- adding a option to change from "folders" to a iconset using "drawers"

click read more for well more.

- app-browser / and store.
Features will be:
Browser the library for non- and commercial apps/games buy/download them.
The app will show you if the selected app runs at all on your system.

New Hardware:
I am working on a the "Ares mediaCENTER" which is a HTPC, MediaCenter, Recorder, Gaming console and what not ever : )

Ares mediaCENTER

It comes with a remote, a USB-Pad and a Competition Pro.
It will straight boot into AMC but you can always reach Broadway.
It wil come with tons of legal roms and demo-versions of great games.
I've asked many rightholders if they would like to sell their games via the appbrowser.... stay tuned. Some will be ported some will just run emulated.

The Ares mediaCENTER is the first aim to the non Amiga/AROS market... the general Retro and the mediacenter market.

- Fabios Mac Mini should arrive next week, so he can finish AMC for MOS
- I will offer MorphOS machines soon on

- Since Hollywood can produce 68K apps i will check the possibility for a Ares CL (classic) with Broadway 68k
Based on refurbished and new parts cased in a tower. Since the market is damn small i could imagine to make a limited amount of them.

Ares Portal
- merging of all Ares related websites to a web-portal for.....

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