iBatch: Extension-Plugin released

Date 12-Feb-2011 20:26:01
Topic: Software News

This plugin works in conjunction with iBatch V 1.1 (www.geobiz.de/ibatch.html). The plugin can mainly do two things:

1. rename fileextensions from #?.JPEG, #?.ILBM, #?.PNG, #?.BMP to whatever you choose (jpg,iff,png,bmp).
2. Delete iBatch related files in sourcedir and outputdir*.


iBatch adds certain files (pairship.syn,...) to dirs handled by the program (like MS Windows for example creates "thumbs.db"). In case you do not want these files anymore, use "Extension Plugin" it will delete the files after processing. You may want to have a plain image directory in order to burn them to CD,.... well, this is your solution.

iBatch and Extension-Plugin can be downloaded from:

There was a nice article about iBatch 1.0 inside the recent Amiga Future Magazine. I am sorry there won't be an article in March release of Amiga Future, but maybe for issue 90 Stay tuned.

greetings Gero

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