First Natami MX boards produced

Date 13-Feb-2011 19:49:03
Topic: Hardware News

Thomas Hirsch of the Natami Team has just manufactured the first Natami MX boards. This is the board revision that will be sold to the public, provided that the board bringup and hardware tests goes well.

Natami is a clone of the classic Amiga computer and its architecture. It is a 68k-based computer containing the classic Amiga chipset with enhancements and quite a few modern hardware features.

The MX board features:
-Altera FPGA from the Cyclone IV-series, containing the enhanced Amiga chipset "SuperAGA" as well as other system logic, and the brand new 68k CPU design "N68050"
-512 MB DDR2 SDRAM (onboard)
-1x PCI slot, expandable to 3x PCI with a PCI riser
-"SyncZorro" expansion slot, for adding f.e. a CPU card (68060 card will be available as an option for this slot)
-DVI-I port for 31kHz video (one can connect both analog VGA and digital DVI), scandoubling function for legacy modes
-15kHz RGB-output/input expansion slot (for optional 15kHz card)
-Realtek RTL8110 Gigabit Ethernet
-NEC USB2 controller and USB ports
-3,5 inch IDE port
-Internal Compact Flash connector (IDE)
-Kickstart flash memory
-Floppy connector (Amiga and PC drives both usable)
-Amiga serial port (although reduced to 9-pin)
-Amiga parallel port
-2x Amiga joystick/mouse port
-4x Cinch/RCA connectors for stereo sound output and input
-PS/2 keyboard/mouse ports (old bigbox Amiga keyboards are connectable)
-Classic Amiga LED:s along with scandoubler LED

Natami MX pictures:
Natami MX bringup thread:¬e=33366

Please note that not all components are soldered in the pictures above.

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