JIT enabled E-UAE bounty - UPDATE

Date 18-Feb-2011 23:04:34
Topic: News

Update on the bounty for a JIT enabled version of E-UAE for AmigaOS4.1.
The bounty has been assigned to Álmos Rajnai. Álmos is the author of the JIT 68K emulator in AmigaOS4 (Petunia)and undoubtedly highly qualified for the job.

Our current version of E-UAE on AmigaOS4.1 (and also MorphOS) supports only interpretive emulation and is quite slow compared to f.ex. winUAE.
Gaining JIT 68K code emulation (like Petunia) will speed things up. Especially AmigaOS4.1 users with slower machines should gain a lot from a JIT version of E-UAE. The JIT version will automatically become open source and other PPC OS will hopefully be able to benefit from the work as well.

As usual donations can be made via the Amigabounty.net website: JIT enabled E-UAE bounty

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