Pack Ultimate 1.6.4 for MorphOS 2.7

Date 23-Feb-2011 21:06:01
Topic: Software News

The website is pleased to announce you the availability of the pack Ultimate 1.6.4 for MorphOS 2.7.

Please read the Readme file before the installation.

Download Installpack.lha (236 Ko)

List of changes :

- add Transfert (v1.0),
- add Audio Evolution 4 demo,
- add Ultimate update (old MOS Live upgrade) for updates,
- add TSteel skin,
- add SCANdal 1.5 DE,
- add SimpleCat 3.22 FR,
- add Meridian 3.11 FR,
- add Transfer FR,
- add Giana's Return v1.1,
- add Gribouillis 2.6 r324 (archive standalone),
- add v0.5 plugin for AminetRadio,
- add ColEm v1.0r6,
- add GoogleTool v1.10.
- add possibility to install 'Applications' on other partition different than sys:

- update LHA (v2.7.10),
- update Reggae class (v51.13),
- update BoingPairs (v1.1),
- update SCANdal (v1.5b2),
- update LoView (v2.05),
- update MPlayer (r32620),
- update ScummVM (v1.2.1),
- update GetVideo (v0.28),
- update IceFileSystem (v2.2) version not registerd,
- update youtube.js script for OWB,
- update CRABUM (v1.4),
- update SimpleCat (v3.22),
- update Keymap sbar(v20.14),
- update DriveLamps sbar (v52.8),
- update of Wetter (v2.2),
- update Elephant (v1.7),

- modification of the screen bar module prefs,
- modification of the Polynet prefs,
- modification of the url shoutcast in ANR,
- modification of the Ambient prefs,
- remove of bad assigns (TVPaint, RadioSrcipt).
- remove of AmiTradeCenter,
- correction of mimetypes 'x-adf' and 'x-dms',
- and more...

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