OWB 1.12 for MorphOS released!

Date 6-Mar-2011 23:20:11
Topic: Software News

Fabien "Fab" Coeurjoly has released yet another version of Origyn Web Browser for MorphOS. You can download version 1.12 via the following website: http://fabportnawak.free.fr/owb/


- Updated to WebKit r80266 (March 2011).

- Added support for "private browsing". To enable it (on a per-tab basis), enable "private browsing" in Settings menu. Once activated, private browsing will disable any kind of data storage (history/cookies/favicons/sessions/...). Private browsing is inherited for any page created from a page in private browsing mode.

- Implemented per-URL settings (for plugins/images/javascript/useragent options). For instance, it could be used so that a given site is accessed under IPad user agent with plugin (Flash) disabled.

- Improved UTF8/local charset support for clipboard. When copying, UTF8 and local strings are copied in two different chunks, which allows legacy applications to retrieve local
charset string, while OWB (and possibly other applications) make use of the UTF8 chunk.

- Added a clipboard monitor to address an issue with DHTML copy. After a rich-text copy, paste would always reuse that content, even if system clipboard had been modified (externally or not) in the meanwhile. This clipboard monitor allows to reset DHTML clipboard as soon as a regular system clipboard copy has been performed.

- Added a "mark all matches" option in text find function.

- The bookmark class is not limited anymore to one level of depth. Please note that Intuition menus also have this limitation, though. So if you plan to display subfolders in menu as well, they'll be flattened, unless you use MUI menus instead of Intuition menus.

- Tweaked mediaplayer to work again with spiegel.de HTML5 videos.

- Fixed mediaplayer autoplay that got broken in some cases.

- Fixed an endianess bug in WebKit shadow effect that prevented them from being shown.

- Adjusted font backend to show font-weight:semi-bold as bold instead of showing it as normal text (cairo/freetype backend only supports normal/bold levels).

- Fixed an issue with per-tab settings being reset by WebKit after a new tab creation.

- Fixed some possible crash with select items that were deleted from DOM at selection change.

- Fixed youtube.js userscript for recent YouTube changes (in fact, it could already work, with the alternative link method that could be selected in youtube.js preferences).

- Changed about : and error pages (contribution from Samir Hawamdeh).

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