UberCassette V0.02 for ALL Amigalikes!

Date 8-Mar-2011 20:45:58
Topic: Software News

I've just uploaded a new archive of my latest project:


It will - one day - do everything to do with dumping cassettes of 8-bit machines. As it stands now V0.02 supports Acorn Electron, BBC, and - of course - Commodore 64, C16/+4 and VIC-20 tapes. It supports raw TAP files as well as binary T64 files for the Commodore machines, and UEF files for Acorns. Just feed it your WAV file - even copy-protected ones - and it'll give you a nice emulator friendly tape file, ready for Vice or whatever.


Soon I'll be adding support for other machines, such as Spectrum, Amstrad and anything else I can think of. Kind of like my Catweasel drivers, except on tape.

I've compiled using AmiDevCPP, and made builds for AmigaOS 3, AmigaOS 4, MorphOS, AROS x86, AROS PPC, Linux x86, and Windows. Full POSIX-compliant source is included. It's just a command-line app at the moment.

Any feedback very much appreciated!

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