AMC - Amiga-media Center- buy 1 get 3 ; ) sort of

Date 12-Mar-2011 22:56:53
Topic: Software News

We are glad to announce that purchasing AMC once means you get 3 licenses. This way you can install it for example 1x on AROS, AmigaOS, and MorphOS (still in progress). Just run the registration process again on another hardware and send the resulting .rgs-files to


The only thing you have to take care of is that the activation-file will be personalized so don't share it.

If you don't know what AMC is... it is a Media Center application like Apple's Frontrow, Geexbox and XBMC.

Organise and consume music, videos and photos. Listen to web-radio or watch Web-TV (including recording)

Supporting USB-Remotes.

More infos via:

Some videos can be seen on (gallery)

The license can be bought on

Fabio Falcucci
and Pascal Papara

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