AmigaAMP v3.1 released

Date 17-Mar-2011 1:37:44
Topic: Software News

AmigaAMP v3.1 bug fix released by Thomas Wenzel.

AmigaAMP is a Multi format audio player with GUI (OS4 native).

More information and download here:

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3.1 - Fixed AREXX interface for OPEN and ADD
- Fixed opening files by clicking on their dedault icon
- Improved playlist navigation via keyboard
- Fixed mouse button handling routine

3.0 - Initial AmigaOS4 release

You want an audio player that really makes use of your high spec Amiga?
Here it is!

AmigaAMP is a GUI based audio player using the amp decoding engine for
MPEG audio playback, libsndfile for AIFF, WAV and 8SVX and libflac for
FLAC. Playback is done through the AHI audio system.

This software is provided 'as is' free of charge. No ads, no toolbars,
no subscriptions required!If you like it - use it. If you don't like it -
use something else.

AmigaOS 4.0 or higher
PowerPC processor
AHI audio system

This version DOES NOT fully replace AmigaAMP 2. It's a successor with
some new features added and some old legacy code removed. It only
supports AHI for playback. All decoders are built in, so there's no
"External Engine" any more.

Sorry, no further documentation at the moment. Just play around with it
a little bit -- I'm sure you'll figure out what it does.

Currently this version comes witht the old (68k) preferences program
originally created for AmigaAMP 2. Some of the settings, especially the
ones for MPEGA are obolete by now. A new prefs program is in the works.

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