Amitopia TV Streamed 3 days a week on-line

Date 14-Mar-2011 14:11:55
Topic: Internet News

Hello fellow Amigans, red, blue, black, yellow...

For weeks, Amitopia TV have been testing its Stream and reports from testers have been good. So now its time to open Amitopia TV for everyone 3 days a week! Amitopia TV is a service, which is streamed on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. You can check the program schedule on website.

The program contains:

Amiga News
Amiga Demoscene
Animated Zone
Amiga made music in MusicBox

All Amiga companies or sites can have their adverts on the show! Either you are AmigaWorld, AmigaKit or Vesalia etcetc.. or a Amiga User Group informing about event or anything. Its all free, without any costs. I do this because I love all sorts of Amigans and Amiga deserves better publications.

To be able to watch Amitopia TV, you need MPlayer or VLC for watching. The server can handle 25 viewers at a time and its reported that the show works on Efika 400MHz also!


Stream link:

Program line-up for Launch Week! (These are all Oslo, Norway time)

20.00.... Amiga News
20.08.... Info + Showcase
20.30.... AmiReporters
21.00.... Amiga News
21.08.... Animated Zone
22.00.... MusicBox
23.00.... Closed

20.00.... Amiga News
20.08.... Info + Showcase
20.00.... Amiga Demo Zone
02.00.... Closed

20.00.... Amiga News
20.08.... Info + Showcase
20.15.... AmiReporters
22.00.... Info + Showcase
23.00.... Closed

See for updates on program schedule. Update on program for each week schedule happens after Sunday show.

All Amigans can contribute with Amiga content. Send it all to: - You will get answer within 24h for sure! Also you can meet me as Amix on irc on different networks for sending "bigger" files.

ALSO... Amitopia TV needs a slogan. If you have some ideas for a slogan that Amitopia TV can use, use comments for that eventually.


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