Aros Broadway 0.0.3 is available now

Date 18-Mar-2011 19:46:06
Topic: Software News

Youtube is now working, Wifi is in, and everything is snappier.

The quickstarter uses no less space for Netbooks and tablet-PC's.

If you like it, I would like if you donate a bit to japan.

From now on i will offer updates only via up2date "over the air".

Critics and suggestions are welcome.

Final changes since the last official release are:
added quickrecord
added text2pdf
added Framebuild
added VNCServer
added LoginManager
added Dropbox (webapp)
added Arkuz (Spreadsheet app)
added avibuild
added Dega ((Yannick improved SDL-version)
added AudioEvolution 4 demo
added Bochs
added FPSE
added VisualboyAdvance
added latest WIFI driver
added Minimig flashing tool

updated VICE (C64/128 and more emulator)
updated SCANdal
updated WeatherForecast
updated OpenTyrian (Yannick improved SDL)
updated Bigband (compiled by Yannick using his pimped SDL library)
updated AMC with fixed german translation and the new Theme called "Flat"
Youtube downloader
JanusUAE 0.9

Maybe more : )

Quickstarter layout
Added Zune settings from AmigaCammy

Improved performance:
This ISO comes with latest Mesa drivers
Also i changed manually the priority of some tasks to improve reliability

I will prepare the Developer tools as optional downloads via up2date.

Oh and please try the LogIn-manager - feedback and suggestions are highly welcome!

The video shows the AmigaOS 4 Theme and another Wallpaper which is not standard. Feel free to use whatever you like (Themes/Wallpapers) (i have to update the websites text.... but if you download now the ISO you get 0.0.3 "lightning" )

To be honest:
1 drawback -> Aqurio Final has been added but it doesn't work because of some changes in AROS.... i had to decide to make Broadway compatible to the LogIN-manger or Aquario.... so i decides for the moment that the LogIn-manager should work. (Aquario is in blankers and just disabled from Quickstarter, if this will be fixed soon i will offer an update via up2date)

I am sure that the problem regarding Aquario will be fixed soon.

Best Regards,

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