UBoot 2010.06.04 for Sam460ex available

Date 21-Mar-2011 23:09:28
Topic: Software News

Bassano del Grappa, Italy - 21, March 2011

ACube Systems is pleased to announce a new release of the U-Boot firmware for its line of motherboards Sam460ex.


What's new in this version:

* changed AHB bus setup, this fixes the use of the onboard SATA2 port with the sam460sata.device on AmigaOS4.1.
* improved DDR2 setup
* improved Radeon HD4650 setup
* fixed a bug in the PCI-E 1x/SATA2 menu

With this version the onboard SATA2 connector becomes fully functional and can be used with the sam460sata.device distributed with AmigaOS 4.1 for Sam460ex. Please note that the driver shipped with AmigaOS4.1 for Sam460ex still operates in PIO mode. A future update of the driver will enable full DMA modes.

The updated installation guide describes in detail the usual installation method (ISO image) and alternative methods (TFTP), but for this release only the TFTP method is available.

You can download installation archives from:

* http://www.acube-systems.biz/index.php?page=hardware&pid=5

Additional information:

Please note: UBoot and UBoot updater makes use of GPL code and thus are both published under GPL.

The sources can be downloaded from:

* http://www.acube-systems.biz/index.php?page=hardware&pid=5

or, using a direct link, from:

* http://www.acube-systems.biz/download/u-boot-2010.06.04_20110321_prod.tar.gz

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