gets a face lift.. no really it does :)

Date 25-Mar-2011 23:09:03
Topic: Internet News gets a real face lift

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Hello Amiga users past and present

After feedback from many in the Amiga Community, the team at have taken all your suggestions on-board to deliver a truly unique experience.

We'd like to announce that has undergone a complete face lift to give a completely new look and feel.

Visitors will now be greeted with a Workbench style layout and design.

There have been plenty of changes 'under-the-hood' especially in the download area and news pages to allow us to add new content more frequently and easily.

Over the course of the next couple of months there will be more much video content added to the website thanks to the arrival of a Sam 460ex Complete System at the 'office'; subsequently more software will be appearing in the download section.

A quick reminder you can submit your own software to the site using the web form inside the Apps section of the website. Please be aware that reserves the right to accept or decline any application; we are looking for exclusively for modern software that has some real end-user use with a complimentary look and feel of a modern hardware platform.

* Sorry, but we will not accept shell programs as they are clearly not applications in the modern sense.

There are however a couple of known layout problems we are trying hard to address, but we chose not to delay bringing the new website to you any further.

* Priority: Lightbox Overlay width issue (all browsers affected)
* Minor: All content flush left (opera only)

I do hope you all enjoy the look and feel of the new site, regardless of the Lightbox issue I do hope you enjoy the new look.

If you have any feedback positive or negative, please PM on this forum or alternatively contact us on

Thank you

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