Worm Wars ported to OS4

Date 27-Mar-2011 23:33:55
Topic: Software News

Amigan Software are proud to announce the release of Worm Wars 8.64 for OS4. This is the first port of the popular Worm Wars game to OS4. Worm Wars is now available in native versions for AmigaOS 2-3, AmigaOS 4, MorphOS, AROS and Windows. Thanks to Samir Hawamdeh for his assistance with the port.

Worm Wars is an advanced Tron/Snake-style arcade game.

Features include: 32 object types, 35 creature types, integrated level editor, level shuffling option, saved high score tables, bonus levels, human and/or Amiga worm control, music, sound effects, 2 keyboard players simultaneously, standard GUI installer script, optional custom font, source code, animations, help windows, screenmode sensitive, etc.


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