FAQs for iBatch 1.2 and new conversion profiles online

Date 7-Apr-2011 20:05:41
Topic: Software News

Release date of iBatch Version 1.2 will be announced during the next two weeks !
While you are waiting, you can read FAQ including questions concerning iBatch Version 1.2. Plus you can download some additional predefined "conversion profiles". All exisiting "conversion profiles" are extensively documented in a pdf file. This one shows you screenshots of the "conversion profile editor" with all the settings for every existing profile. This helps you to find out what a specific conversion profile does, and can be used as base for new user defined "conversion profiles" (see screenshot).
Remember, that there will be an iBatch workshop in upcoming Amiga Future Magazine !

Visit www.geobiz.de/iBatch.html downloadsection

Enjoy !

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