IceFileSystem 2.4 released

Date 19-Apr-2011 16:54:42
Topic: Software News

2.4 (2011-April-11)

Deleting file larger than "Max recycle bytes" no longer empties recycle
dir. Max filesize in recycledir is now "Max recycle bytes" / 16. (if set).

New (optional) environment variable: ICE_AUTORETRYIO. Set it to 1..n
for number of automatic retries of failed io requests.

Smaller bug in automatic renaming of recycledir files fixed.

action_seek() allowed seeking beyond file with internal error
requester as result, fixed.

IceSalv did not preserve file dates, fixed.

IceCheck fixes/improvements.

FSConfig got renamed to IceConfig.

VInfo got renamed to IceInfo.


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