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Date 27-Apr-2011 8:27:26
Topic: Miscellaneous News

We often hear about software developers and eager users wanting to help the Amiga Operating System move forward with new functionality and bug fixes.

One way to get involved is by joining the Open Amiga effort. The Open Amiga web site has plenty of projects which software developers may want to tackle to enhance AmigaOS.

Open Amiga is not just for developers. Users may also contribute. Needed personnel include:

Developers and others who can join the main work group
Interested parties that provide feedback in the forums
People who can write developer guides and guidelines (how to's, do's and don'ts)
Web developers for building the infrastructure
People who gather available developer documentation from the net
Judging from the dates, many of the projects have fallen on hard times. Go ahead and grab one and start going.

Posted by Steven Solie

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