AROS Broadway 0.0.4 aka "Murphy's law" is available

Date 28-Apr-2011 21:22:11
Topic: hardware OS4

Full iso is available since one hour....


AROS Broadway 0.0.4 aka „Murphy’s law“

The best version ever! (Every maintainer should say this about his own work : p )
Improved performance and stability
Screen dragging is now even possible with VESA-driver!!!! Yeaahhh!

JanusUAE is golden and reached 1.0!!!!
Use Broadway now to scan any email attachments or archive you like for viruses.
This is now possible with „Quarantine“
Fixed all bugs known from Broadway 0.0.3 and i feel it could be the last one : )
LogIN-manager 1.2
Added Webapp „“

Quickstarter layout switch works again
Improved Quickstarter performance

Ahh its like seeing the light : )

Enjoy it!

Credits have to go to all AROS developers! Deadwood, Oli, ncafferky and staff and many more!

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