Snapshoter updated to v1.4.9b

Date 6-May-2011 6:23:38
Topic: Software News

New version of snapshoter is out, a lot of improvements in this version.

• Store unlimited clipboards.
• Add watermarks to your pictures.
• Post-it function.


• Compatible with DropBox.
• Auto store text in clipboard.
• Capture pictures, or full desktop.
• Capture images with timer.
• Image compose mode.
• Scale, rotate, put border, change contrast, add transparency, use text or arrows in the collage mode.
• Infinite layers to play with your images in real time.
• Save the collage as JPG image.
• Languages English, Catalΰ, spanish Turkish Italian and French.
• Drag n drop picture files to the clipboard bar.
• Paint, compose, create, and a lot more...

Download your version:

- Fixed bug in copyclipboard routine.
- Added Cecilia FX icons.
- Added new powerful image composer
- Gradients, solids, outlines, primitives, text or arrows, easy intuitive and fast enviroment
- a lot of changes more.

Swap layers Up and down, keep ratios, browse layers, auto import to collage mode directly clicking over the snapshoter bar, crop and cut images over the compositions and paste again, funny gradient paint effect.....

Versions for AmigaOS 3, AmigaOS4, MorphOS, Aros, and Windows


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