IceFileSystem 2.5 and IceDoctor 1.0 released for MorphOS

Date 23-May-2011 20:45:32
Topic: Software News

IceFileSystem 2.5 and IceDoctor 1.0 released for MorphOS.

IceFileSystem changes:

2.5 (2011-May-17)
  • Write locking volume with zero key, could not be unlocked again, fixed.
  • A serious internal bug fixed.
  • action_end() improvement.
  • Silly optimisation prevented error requesters to work when FS was used on boot partition. Now works again.

IceDoctor changes:

1.0 (2011.05.17)
  • Drives were inhibited when not really needed, fixed.
  • Internal error requesters popping up with "recover lost extents" option enabled, fixed.
  • Cosmetic changes.
  • Recycledir scanning/repair improved.
  • Improved handling of broken entry names.
  • Quit while scanning didn't work, fixed.
  • Forgotten flush of meta changes, oops.. fixed.
  • "Resume from backup" didn't work, fixed.





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